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Wailea Resorts, Hotels & Spas

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Wailea Resorts, Hotels & Spas

Located on the southern shores of Maui, Wailea Beach is one of the most beautiful and serene beaches of Hawaii. Flanked by two protective black lava points, the waters off this exquisite coast of Maui are typically calm, making for ideal swimming and gentle body surfing conditions.

Wailea Beach Villas leveraged the views and vantage of this pristine shore with the other ultra-luxurious great Wailea Resorts, Hotels & Spas. Catering to mainland elite, the exquisite swimming pools, unsurpassed spa facilities, championship golf links, and world-class restaurants surrounding the Wailea Beach Villas consistently place this property in the top list of luxurious resort escapes.


What these top ten lists neglect to divulge about the great Wailea Resorts, Hotels and Spas, however, is the extension of this resort's opulence and luxury to communities which immediately surround it. And while not much on the lush island of Maui can be referred to as bargain priced, Wailea luxury condos for rent near the exquisite resort can be had at much more reasonable rates.


Several factors make a vacation condo or villa rental in Wailea Beach so attractive:

  • space is much more generous than what may be booked at these famous Wailea Resorts, Hotels & Spas and this Wailea Beach Villa features a luxurious Baby Grand

  • privacy afforded by villas and condos is better protected by a secured private entrance and private secured elevators

  • most of the amenities found at the nearby great Wailea Resorts, Hotels & Spas are still available. Please call for further information


Many of the vacationers who opt for rental villas are families, families traveling together, family reunions or wedding parties. These groups appreciate the extra square footage, bedrooms, and gourmet kitchens which are standards in most luxury villas. These two, three, and four bedroom luxury villas provide peace of mind for parents whose children are with them in a single unit, versus adjoining rooms and provide a better venue for family and groups to enjoy their vacation time together. Yet privacy equal to that found at home is achieved.

Our four bedroom luxury penthouse villa is ideal for vacationing families, families traveling together or wedding parties. And it is situated just footsteps from the amenities offered by these great Wailea Resorts, Hotels and Spas.

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