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Hawaii Villas

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Hawaii villas make good sense


Whether budget considerations enter your plans for a Hawaiian get-away or not, renting Hawaii villas, or condos in Maui almost always beat the hotel alternatives in terms of:

  • cost

  • convenience

  • comfort


On a cost per square foot basis, rental condos and villas run about half of what you'll pay for a hotel room. This ratio holds true just as much for luxury villa rentals in Maui compared

to high end resort hotels as it does for high rise condo rentals in comparison with budget motels.

Convenience-wise, nothing is as convenient as a fully furnished condo or villa versus a hotel room. Even in the priciest hotels, the majority of rooms hold a bed, a desk, a chair (sometimes two), and a squeeze-by entertainment unit. Where can you go, other than the bed, to relax and read a book? Where can the kids play in the hotel room? Actually, the answer to this question is probably the same as the first!


Luxury villa rentals in Maui

Our idea of a relaxing vacation usually excludes the notion of spending our downtime laying on a bed. That's why we, like many other loyal Maui visitors, opted to purchase an exquisite vacation villa. While most hotel rooms in Hawaii average a skimpy 550 square feet, the Hawaii villas in our resort community start with triple that amount of square footage.

Because we can't live on Maui year around (yet, anyway), we, like other owners, can provide some of the best
luxury villa rentals in Maui. In fact, our particular villa offers almost 3,000 square feet of space -- plenty of room to accommodate your family and friends. Check out the photos and pricing of this fantastic unit, and discover why renting a vacation home makes such good sense.

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