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Maui Oceanfront Condos


Well located Maui oceanfront condos

As with any real estate selection, the most important aspect of choosing a vacation rental is location, location, location (ever heard that one before?). It's funny to think that on an island as exquisite as this, some Maui oceanfront condos can have location advantages over others. But they do.

One way to feel confident about a particular area's attractiveness as a vacation spot is the existence of luxury hotels and spas. Owners of these properties research areas diligently prior to building, so you can take advantage of their legwork. Keep in mind, though, that a huge cluster of these properties may indicate high volumes of vacation traffic, a la Waikiki. If you are seeking a somewhat less congested get-away, Maui offers several options.

One of our favorite such options is Wailea Beach, on the southern coast. Graced with a fantastically gorgeous shoreline, this area is home to three top-tier hotel resorts, and boasts spectacular Maui vacation rentals and condos. Many of these beachfront condo rentals offer the same level of amenities and services as their nearby spa hotel neighbors.


Maui vacation rentals and condos

Additional considerations for selecting which area of the island you'll call your temporary Wailea home is proximity to key island sites. Two such sites are Haleakala Volcano and the road to Hana. These must-visit areas are about a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive from both the western and southern coasts of the island. Luxurious Hawaii villas are available to let in both of these excellent coastal vacation spots.

If a true spa experience is your goal, the exquisite hotel resorts of Wailea Beach offer first-class service. Multi-million dollar Maui vacation rentals and condos are available in resort communities which have developed around these hotels. Most of these are exceptional privately owned residences leased by owners during their absence from the island. Some of these Maui oceanfront condos and villas may be viewed here for your consideration.

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