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Oceanfront Condos Wailea

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Drive from oceanfront condos Wailea

If ever there was a perfect example of the saying, 'Getting there is half the fun,' it has got to be the adventure to see the secreted-away rainforest village of Hana.

You've undoubtedly heard about this remote town, and its unique isolation far from any other city, town or village on the island of Maui. A visit from oceanfront condos, Wailea Beach, requires at least a three hour drive to get there, but is well worth the journey.

What makes this drive so unique are the more than sixty bridges you will cross on the sixty mile journey through lush rainforest from your
Hawaii villas. While it is drive able within three to four hours from southern Maui oceanfront condos, villas and hotels, you'll want to

stop along the way and spend time taking in spectacular views from many scenic vantages along the way. To really get the most from this adventure, you may want to consider an overnight stay in the town of Hana itself.


Maui oceanfront condos in Hana

The town of Hana, plus the drive to get there, has remained true to its early beginnings. This is charming in that its small town atmosphere and Hawaiian culture is intact and very genuine. However, Maui oceanfront condos for rent in Hana, the likes of what you'll find in Wailea Beach, are difficult to come by. Instead, the Hotel Hana-Maui, which is owned by the same company that owns the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur and the Jean-Michael Cousteau Resort in Fiji, provides comfortable accommodations for visitors wishing to explore Hana on at least an overnight basis.

From oceanfront condos Wailea Beach, Hana is a fun, beautiful, and well worthwhile adventure trip to undertake.

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